COUPLED is a four-year, European Training Network granted by the EC under Horizon 2020.

We put the research approach of TELECOUPLING into action for solving sustainability challenges for land use. How to understand processes and actors that influence land use in an increasingly interconnected world? We train a new generation of young scientists to better integrate research, innovation and social responsibility.


KOSMOS: Navigating the Sustainability Transformation

Written by Nicocas Roux (ESR 02) and Floris Leijtenen (ESR 05) On the occasion of the 250th birthday of the famous geographer Alexander von Humboldt, Humboldt University of Berlin hosted the KOSMOS conference between August 28 – 30, as part of a broader movement to help society navigate the sustainability transformation in the 21st century.…

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September 4-7, 2019:
ECPR General Conference 2019 
Organised by European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR). ECPR’s General Conference is one of Europe’s largest annual gathering of political scientists. The programme covers the breadth of political science, creating a platform for lively discussion, exchange of ideas and the best thinking in the discipline.
Meet COUPLED fellow Johanna Coenen presenting her research on Environmental Governance of the Belt and Road Initiative.

Location:  Wroclaw, Poland

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