COUPLED Summer School


The Summer School will take place in Berlin and surroundings from 09-19 July 2018, shortly after the ESR recruitment.

It ensures a successful start and common ground for all ESRs, and initiates network-wide communication and collaboration.

  •  Day 1: Introduction to COUPLED, network-wide training elements, local training opportunities and the dissemination strategy.
  • Day 2: Workshop on inter- and transdisciplinary collaboration
  • Day 3: Land System Science. Introduction to the theory, history, and current challenges in land system science. We will illustrate the land system science-policy interface at EU level.
  • Day 4: Sustainable Land Use. What is sustainability and how can it be measured?
  • Day 5: Excursion. Field visit to sustainable farms
  • Day 6: Telecoupling. Introduction to telecoupling and methods to analyse telecoupling, including spatial modelling, biomass flows, network analyses, commodity chain analyses, and multi-sited fieldwork
  • Day 7: Synthesis and Meta-Analysis approaches in land system and sustainability science
  • Day 8: How to write a PhD. Practices and skills required to write a PhD taught by the Humboldt Graduate School. Personal career development plans (PCDPs) and personal research plans (PRPs)
  • Day 9: Communication, Networking and Ethics. A cross-cultural communication and collaboration and networking skills workshop. Open Science and ethics
  • Day 10: Bringing it all together. Synthesis and evaluation