Thank you very much for submitting applications for the COUPLED Innovative Training Network

We do appreciate the time that you invested in this application. The application window is now closed. But please check our website and social media channels for updated information in case we might re-open the call for some of the positions: Thanks again for your interest.


  1. Dear Coupled Team,
    Were all interview invitations already sent out?
    And I have another question: Are the individual selection processes completely independent, so that if one applied for different positions, is it possible to receive several invitations or is there internal coordination between the selection for various projects?

  2. The consortium hasn’t decided yet on the selection of applicants to be invited for interviews. In the near future we’ll provide more information, but until then I have to ask you for some more patience. Thank you very much.

    • Yes. Every applicant will get a notification. However, we have to ask you for some more patience. Thank you.

  3. Hello everyone,

    Kindly, could you please notify us if those who didn’t receive any emails or invitations for interview are still having a chance or what? Actually, some friends already got invitations? while I am waiting since the 3rd of Jan as announced in the website.

    • Right now we are in the process of interviewing. So, if you haven’t been contacted yet, you are not shortlisted. We had so many excellent applications that this process took a bit longer than expected. Thank you for your patience. However, it might be that we go back to the list and interview more people. We will let you know for sure when all decisions are taken and positions are closed or re-opened.

  4. Dear Coupled Team,
    Successful and unsuccessful candidates from interviews will not be informed before 21-23 February?

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