We are very happy to introduce our PhD fellow Anna!

Anna Frohn Pedersen (ESR 11), supervised by Jonas Østergaard Nielsen, will be working on the research project Exploring telecouplings between mining and land change in Africa, based at Humboldt- Universität zu Berlin.

Anna holds a master in Visual Anthropology from University of Manchester and in Anthropology from University of Copenhagen. Her primary interests are in visual anthropology, environmental studies, migration and studies of place and place-making. She has previously conducted fieldwork in Malaysia, Nepal, Denmark and the US.

Her previous experience from an interdisciplinary research project, carried out in Malaysia, taught her the value of engaging different disciplines, as these together can nuance perspectives on environmental issues and bring forth complexities that cannot be comprehended by one discipline alone. Moreover, this fieldwork experience broadened her understanding of how local land changes do not emerge in a vacuum, but are connected to international, national and inter-regional flows of narratives, discourses, finance, and technology, to mention a few. In other words, it taught her to look both within and beyond the local in comprehending land change. It is due to this experience that she finds the framework of telecouplings extremely valuable, and she looks forward to beginning a new academic journey into this field of study.

Anna’s project explores the telecouplings between conflict free mining and local land changes. It will be based primarily in African regions, and contribute to the wider field of telecouplings by offering a multi-sited, ethnographic approach to land use changes and the various flows affecting and surrounding these.

Again, a warm welcome to you, Anna! We are looking forward to a successful cooperation in the upcoming years.

You can find more information about Anna’s research project here.

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